Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Chair's Opening of World of Learning (WOLCE) 2010

WOLCE 2010 Conference Opening

Nicholas Owen, TV presenter opened the conference and welcomed delegates. After a amusing approach to giving the safety information Nicholas guided us through the plan and scope of the sessions on offer.

This had to be one of the most engaging approaches to opening a conference I have seen for a long time.

Ruth Spellman - CEO Chartered Management Institute
The title of the session was "A new world for business".

And while Spellman did talk about the future, she was basing her information on data from 2000 & 2005. There was also an assumption that managers need to be qualified and that the majority of managers in post do not hold appropriate qualifications.

One cannot argue that managers lack skills - Spellman  cited RBS and other recent examples of businesses lacking management competence, however are qualifications really the way forward?

Some of the most compelling parts of Spellmans presentation to me were:

1) boards need to take ownership for L&D
2) management/ leadership development is critical
3) management and understanding of risk is vital
4) innovation can be incremental as well as massive change.

A good start to the conference, and I am sure that Owen will provide some insightful comments in his closing remarks tomorrow.

Leadership development & innovation

It was only after this session that I saw that QEDConsulting were exhibiting and showcasing a product called "the creatrix" - an innovation tool that looks at creativity and risk - in the context of management and leadership development.

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