Friday, 21 November 2008

Exhibiters - CIPD

Yes the CIPD were here.
A shame and missed opportunity that they did not take the opportunity to have the excellent interactive stand (as at Harrogate or HRD) showing the training related content of the site and members area, they seemed to be focused on promoting their training courses.

It was interesting to note the absence of ITOL, the IITT and TrainerBase from this exhibition.


info said...

Given the cost of this and other exhibitions it is essential that value for be determined. TrainerBase attended as a delegate this year to evaluate whether the exhibition is worth attending as an exhibitor next. Given the cost of attendance (£5,000+ for a small stand and all the extras); should member subscriptions be put into such an event or otherwise spent on more direct marketing?

Mike Morrison said...

Hi Info, thanks for commenting. Your approach appears sound and yes it is a difficult call.
The observation about 'missing' bodies was/ is not a criticism of potential exhibitors but more a reflection of the perception of the event as a whole.